A great leap forward for the BE community

Two days ago Katalabs, who is developing the software for the BE community, made a public release of the browser based virtual environment KataSpace. This is the environment we envision BE community to be running in very soon, so it’s very exciting for us to see people interacting in the space right now. Gives us a sense of the strong potential this virtual space will have for the BE community when we bring young cancer patients in to test it before long.

From Katalabs we hear that the space is holding up really well the the huge interest from people purring in to try it out. So that’s a great stress test for the stability – and the accessibility – of the system that will benefit the BE community.

Ars Technica covered the release yesterday – so you can read more about the technical features here:

Kataspace: browser-based virtual worlds built with WebGL and HTML5.

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