In the early Spring 2010 a meeting of the minds took place at Stanford University. Mette’s initial idea excited the folks at Katalabs, who developed the technology that could make things real.

Mette Terp Høybye 

Working with the use of internet based support and other web-based resources for adult cancer patients for the past 10 years, Mette Terp Høybye had been intrigued by the outcomes of the Remission study. A firm believer in the power of social networks, her idea is to integrate the powerful potential of games with the power of social relations in the shape of a virtual environment for young people with cancer. Mette is  founder and principal investigator of the BE community project and ties together the innovative and entrepreneurial development with the experience we draw from our partners.


Katalabs is a Silicon Valley start-up that grew out of research into architecting and building projects on the open source Sirikata platform at Stanford University. Katalabs was founded with the humble goal of taking this work to scale. The Katalabs team ranges from a cultural historian to computer scientists. All held together by a shared passion to make what we do online more creative and collaborative. The Katalabs team believes the web can be made better through real-time, synchronized collaboration and communication environments built at the intersection of 2D and 3D. These will be delivered through the browser you already use and loaded by simply clicking a link. Katalabs heads the technological development of the BE community.

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